27th October 2015 |
Time: 13:00 – 13:40 PM EST

About Our Speakers

  • Outcome line Dr. Barry Patel

    Dr. Barry Patel

    Executive VP Indegene

    With over 23 years of healthcare industry experience,   Dr. Barry Patel has always brought innovative solutions to the various challenges faced by healthcare organizations and their providers. With a vast understanding of the managed care, research and quality improvement industries, Barry has been able to build and support companies that provide unique timely services that ultimately lead to improved patient outcomes and the efficient use of healthcare resources.
  • Outcome line Dr. Ernest Cook

    Dr. Ernest Cook

    Medical Director Indegene US Inc

    With over 35 years of healthcare executive leadership, Dr. Ernest Cook has extensive experience in multiple facets of our evolving healthcare system. Dr. Cook started his career in family medicine and then entered the world of managed care leadership as a Senior Medical Director with Humana and Cigna. His experience working in the managed care world is coupled with other medical executive positions at Cogent Health, the country’s first hospitalist company and Florida Physician’s Trust, one of the country’s first accountable care organizations.

About this Webinar

  • Learn industry best-practices in driving intervention strategies to improve health-plan’s HEDIS scores and STAR ratings and how analytics driven insights and streamlining engagement can help health-plan focus their intervention efforts. The webinar will also focus on effectiveness of provider-driven outreach for better health outcomes and highlight some of the challenges, approaches and best practices in member and provider engagement strategies.

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