15th October 2015 |
Time: 13:00 – 13:30 EST

About Our Speaker

  • Outcome line Wei Han Frank Lin

    Wei Han Frank Lin

    Vice President - Multi-Channel Marketing

    Frank Lin has more than fifteen years of experience in leveraging expertise in business and technology to develop customer focused products and services in the enterprise, medical, and pharmaceutical sectors. Previously, Frank was VP of Technology and Operations at Aptilon, where he led the R&D, Product, and Project Management teams with innovation emphasis in cloud based services and mobile technologies. At Indegene, Frank was responsible for Indegene global business development in providing enterprise web, mobile, tele-video and multi-channel marketing solutions to over 40 countries. Currently, Frank leads Indegene’s Products & Technology portfolio, which includes product strategy, management, development and delivery.

About this Webinar

  • Dynamics of physician engagement is evolving with physician preferences changing day by day and access to physicians becoming more and more difficult. Pharmaceutical companies need to adapt to the changing industry dynamics. Learn from industry expert on how omnipresent HCP engagement can overcome these challenges and at the same time enable pharma companies to provide a personlized HCP engagement.

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